Helping you navigate business growth through franchising, locally, nationally and internationally.



Helping you navigate business growth through franchising, locally, nationally and internationally.


Ready to franchise?

Your business is ticking along nicely and you think your idea is really cool ... but how do you know if you’re ready to franchise?

There are 5 key indicators that we look for to see if your business is ready to franchise:

  1. Your product (or service) is in demand and looks like it will be well into the future
  2. Your business has a proven system that works effectively and dependably
  3.  You are profitable ... consistently
  4. Your business is not limited by geography, language or culture; and
  5. You are prepared to commit the time and energy to creating a separate business (your franchise system) and provide support to franchisees.

What we do

Mega 7 has a 3 Phase approach to new franchise development:

We conduct a complete review of your business to dermine the potential to be a successful franchise system. Some of the items covered include:

  • The key elements of the franchise package/offering and costs associated with each item including the ongoing fee structure;
  • Preparation of the Franchise Owner financial projections and establishing a Franchise support structure; and
  • Identification of management requirements and a competition analysis.

Is this you?

Existing franchise that’s just not growing?
We can help you on how to improve your existing franchise system to accelerate growth and expansion.

Overseas and looking to expand into Australia?
Mega 7 have helped several franchise systems move into the Australian market. We know how franchise systems work overseas and the Australian franchise market inside-out – so we’re in the perfect spot to help you.

Want to expand your Australian Franchise overseas?
Mega 7 Director, Mike Fuller, was instrumental in the hugely successful expansion of Australian franchise Cartridge World into the US, UK and Indian markets. He knows international business and how to make sure your system is ready.


franchise partners

We partner with the best to make your franchise business the best it can be. Here are some of our success stories and the professionals we work with to maximise your success.


About Us

Mega 7 is a professional business consulting and marketing firm, specialising in the development of franchise systems.

Mega 7 is the brain-child of Mike Fuller who is widely recognised as a leader in business and franchise development.

With a background in sales and finance, Mike joined the Australian franchise Cartridge World in 2002 to launch the brand into the tough US market. Exceptional sales created an extraordinary demand for the brand from other countries. This led Mike to set up an international master franchisee training program in Adelaide in 2003 and saw him appoint and train more than 30 master franchisees from all over the world.

Through his hands-on experience with Cartridge World, Mike could see the need for other aspiring businesses to receive practical advice in the areas of business development, franchise establishment, overseas expansion and the very important area of exit planning … Mega 7 was born.

Mike’s knowledge of franchising — particularly international markets and cultures — is highly regarded. He also partners with other knowledgeable and expert providers to ensure that his clients are well equipped to launch and develop a highly successful and profitable franchise system.

Mega 7 is proud to receive referrals from some of the largest and most respected legal, accounting and franchise-marketing firms in Australia.


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